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This food safety policy will be focused and committed to implementing issues that include:

  • Focusing on customer requirements 

  • Taking environmental responsibilities - sustainability

  • Personnel responsibility and ethics

  • Product requirements (includes: product safety, quality, legality, process and specification). 

  • Establishing control over all processes from the supply of raw material to the distribution of the finished product.

  • Orientation to purchase from the best and safest suppliers. 

  • Risk analysis and the establishment of a control system which is based on preventive measures and not only on the analysis of the finished product. 

  • Develop, implement and maintain all activities in accordance with HACCP principles at all stages of the process by planning each step. 

  • Maintaining a high level of hygiene of staff, work environment and equipment.

  • Ensuring effective communication with customers especially in terms of demand for further use of products. 

  • Providing appropriate and timely training to all employees.

  • Setting measurable objectives and implementing food safety policies.

  • Continuous improvement of working conditions, and the HACCP system by following new methods and equipment for the production of the product as well as the observance of all legal obligations related to food safety. 

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